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Australian Tourism Campaign Failures

Australian Tourism Campaign Failures

Why Australia is out of fashion. Sir Richard Branson is mystified by Australian tourism’s incompetence. The “brand” it has to sell used to be the world’s perennial flavour of the month and still rates as one of the globe’s most desirable places to visit.

But somehow we’ve stuffed it up, killed the goose that used to lay the golden eggs. Forget about the fast trains the rest of the developed world has that we can’t organise or the fast broadband internet system the federal government is attempting to impose on an unwilling telco industry: we can’t even organise a successful advertising campaign to attract tourists….

….The secretary-general of the World Tourism Organisation, Taleb Rifai, also weighed into the issue last week. Rifai, a Jordanian, says Australia needs to ditch the “island mentality” that bred complacency and a misplaced belief that international holidaymakers would beat a path to its door…

…This blog understands why that is the case and readers have told us loud and clear why holidaying in Australia has gone out of fashion among Australians, the main gripes being that everything is too expensive and the service is rubbish. I also have my own long list of what is wrong with the local product.

I think there is a cultural cringe combined with a failure of marketing management. Apparently there is market research but difficult to comment without being privy to consumer behaviour, why tourists come to Australia, and more importantly, why don’t they come? Has anyone asked?

Further, any campaign seems designed for a domestic audience e.g. commissioners, government, Tourism Australia management, Australians wanting to see a cliched Oz stereotype etc. are appealed to, but maybe not prospective tourists?  This is evident when campaign launches are spruiked but no analysis of what happens later…..

Unfortunately prolongs the perception, believed to be true by many Australians, that we like to see ourselves as innovative, creative and reliable…..

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