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Australian International Student Enrolments

Australian International Student Enrolments

Crean says the overseas market won’t collapse. EDUCATION Minister Simon Crean has dismissed bleak forecasts in key overseas student markets, pointing out that enrolments have grown recently despite adverse conditions.

“I’ve heard talk of the imminent collapse of overseas student markets,” Mr Crean said on Monday at Sydney’s Macquarie University, which is heavily reliant on overseas fee income.

“Let me just make this point: the last figures I saw showed that enrolments in university-run courses have increased for overseas students [despite the exchange rate and global financial crisis].”

In June, overseas enrolments in higher education were 10.7 per cent up compared with the same month last year.

Overseas students and the wish of many to stay on in Australia have become issues in the federal election campaign. Labor has presided over tighter migration rules and last week Opposition Leader Tony Abbott warned overseas student numbers had to be “politically sustainable”.

Both being either very naive or at least economical with the truth, they talk about historical data, 2011 international student commencements maybe off by up to 50%……. which means increased fees for domestic students….

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