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Immigration and Population Growth Good for Big Australia

Immigration and Population Growth Good for Big Australia

THERE has been a lack of honesty in what is shaping up to be the main area of debate in the campaign: population. Under every realistic scenario, population growth is going to happen. This is a certainty. Australia’s history has been one of growth and this growth looks set to continue for the foreseeable future….

..While the median age of our population is now 37, it will probably rise to about 40 through the next four decades, or even as high as 45 if our fertility levels drop.

Because of this, Treasury believes that by 2050 health care, aged care and the aged pension will cost us an extra $60 billion a year in today’s terms. However, there will be proportionally fewer taxpayers to meet these costs. Taxes will have to rise dramatically to keep the budget afloat…

…So when you hear politicians from across the political spectrum saying they will limit growth, or set a growth target, or a growth-band target, don’t listen to them. In fact, run a mile….The danger is governments and politicians will succeed in using all this talk of population targets and a sustainable population to deflect attention away from the real areas of policy reform and service provision in which their governments are failing, things that will be affected by population growth, whether we like it or not…

…So next time you hear a politician say they believe in a small Australia or a sustainable population, or that they want to set a population or migration target, challenge them. “Do you really understand population, or are you just a populist?”

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