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Australia Needs Boat People, Immigrants, Workers

Australia Needs Boat People, Immigrants, Workers

Business leaders say we need boatpeople. BUSINESS leaders have slammed both sides of politics over the debate on population. And one of Australia’s most senior corporate figures says that “we are all fundamentally boatpeople”.

Transfield Services and tollroad operator ConnectEast Group chairman Tony Shepherd said the debate was “terrible” and he was amazed the country was having it. “If you’ve got the gumption to go across in a leaky boat across the Timor Sea and arrive here, it is almost a pre-qualification,” Mr Shepherd said.

Speaking at the Infrastructure Partnerships Australia conference yesterday, he also said Australia had benefited from immigration. “We are all fundamentally, other than our indigenous population, and even they probably too, we are all fundamentally boatpeople . . . That’s what we’ve grown from.”

A warning to both Labor and Liberal out “dog whsitling” each other, like the Republican strategists in the US are nervousthat they are attacking their (future) core constituencies who will be part Asian etc.

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