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Dick Smith Opposes Population and Immigration, Foreigners not Australians to Blame?

Dick Smith Opposes Population and Immigration, Foreigners not Australians to Blame?

Dick Smith justifies funding 10% of TV documentary. DICK Smith has defended his role in part-funding an ABC documentary, in which he also stars, against claims that the arrangement threatens to undermine the independence of the national broadcaster.

Dick Smith’s Population Puzzle, which airs on ABC1 on Thursday night, was produced by independent production company Real Pictures, with Mr Smith contributing up to 10 per cent of the roughly $500,000 budget. In addition, he gave his time to the production free of charge…..

…Mr Smith argued that the ABC ought to be applauded for airing the program. ”I think the ABC has been very brave and very responsible in purchasing this documentary because no commercial channel would,” Mr Smith said.

He said media companies were pro-growth because they had a responsibility to increase profits.

Producer Simon Nasht said the program had been pitched to the ABC last December, and was always envisaged as one man’s view on an issue that had, before Julia Gillard’s statement that she was ”not for a big Australia”, been left off the political agenda…..

…..He claimed the ABC’s director of television, Kim Dalton, supported the idea of a polemic, with the caveat that a format be found to present other points of view. ”And straight away, they began designing the debate element,” Mr Nasht said.

I wonder if those members of the elite like Dick Smith who claim that population, immigration etc. are not discussed, could also enlighten us further with innovative and creative solutions? All that has been mooted so far is to decrease population growth by decreasing immigration yet ignores Australians profligate and unsustainable use of resources exemplified by larger houses, more cars, lack of planning etc.

Further, does he propose stopping international students, working holiday makers (including breaking all WHV treaties Australia has?) and temporary workers who have spiked the population growth rate, and asking that all Australians living offshore return to Australia?

This all seems to be dogs chasing tails, wagging dogs and dog whistling yet it is Australia who has made a dogs breakfast of our environment, not immigrants, nor visitors.

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