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OECD International Mobility Report International Students Stay on as Migrants

OECD International Students Stay on as Migrants

OECD: International students stay on as migrants. Rich countries have brought in measures to encourage international students to stay and work, with this becoming an increasingly important route to high-skilled migration, according to the Paris-based Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.

“International students have become a significant group in international migration flows in OECD countries,” as a result of “broader policies to attract and retain highly skilled migrants”, says the OECD’s International Migration Outlook 2010, released in late July…

….The estimated stay rate for international students studying within the OECD for all reasons is around one in five students on average. This rises to almost one in three in France and Germany….

…”International students who stay on as migrants are often highly skilled. Having received their education in the host country, the issues of recognition of qualifications and language knowledge which are often obstacles to high-skilled migration are largely avoided,” the report says.

However: “Not all international students go abroad with the intention of staying on as labour migrants. For many, study abroad is part of a strategy to improve their employment chances in the domestic labour market in their home countries.”

Someone could explain this in Australia where the focus has been upon issues or symptons i.e. overseas students, but not on the causes, government management of the system and the education system quality. Further, while Australia sees international students as a lucrative nuisance probably rorting the system, other countries now realise it is a competition to get the best as populations age.

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