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Australian International Education Student Enrolments Decrease

Australian International Education Student Enrolments Decrease

International education struggles with student number decline. Australia’s international education sector says it’s in crisis and set to go into a downward spiral unless the next government takes urgent action.

New figures from the Australian Council for Private Education show student numbers at a standstill after recent changes to immigration policies. Industry leaders are appealing to both sides of politics to devise a strategy for international education and protect one of Australia’s biggest export industries before it’s too late….

…Our estimates, based on visa applications, are that over the next 18 months Australia will lose $3.8 billion and about 30,000 jobs from the new economy and that’s not necessary.

We can actually arrest it now if both parties are prepared to come out and simply make statements of support for our industry and then work with us post-election to develop a strategy for rebuilding confidence offshore.

It’s actually an industry that’s a very useful one to have as a hedge to the commodities sector overall…… BIS Shrapnel says a substantial drop in student numbers will be felt across the economy.

Both parties are happy to dog whistle and blame overseas students and agents for education quality, immigration management issues onshore, population growth etc., I would not be confident they have solutions if they think international education is unworthy of unsupport….

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