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Australia’s Negative Brand and Image Internationally

Australia’s Negative Brand and Image Internationally

‘Boofhead’ tourism image hurts Aussie exporters. Tourism advertising and branding of Australia is hurting Australian companies exporting technology and innovation, a new study claims.

Kimon Lycos, an expert on business-to-business (B2B) marketing and Adjunct Professor with RMIT University, interviewed 50 Australian chief executives of mid to small businesses and gained a clear response. The captains of industry reckon that being positioned internationally as a nation of boofheads, serial barbecuers and boozers makes it difficult for Australians to be taken seriously when selling complex and advanced technology overseas.

Each interview covered a range of topics designed to understand how companies believe they can become more competitive when exporting and commercialising technology for global markets.

One Response to “Australia’s Negative Brand and Image Internationally”

  1. Boofheads, Buffoons and barely understandable on a Friday afternoon.

    The guilt is shared by many but so is the cultre that sets the down to earth Aussie workers apart.

    A certain type of honesty that does not support the “yes sir, no sir” corporate requirements can go a long way in a workplace that cries out for honesty.

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