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Andrew Bolt and Dick Smith on Migrants

Andrew Bolt and Dick Smith on Migrants

Scare tactic on migrants. DICK Smith this week picked the damnedest way to tell us not to multiply or be too greedy. The entrepreneur, explorer and green enthusiast called a press conference in Sydney to declare Australians had to cut down on population and sinful consumerism…

And to illustrate his message he paraded five big-breasted blondes in tight T-shirts around a suitcase of cash he said he’d give to the person who’d help him most in his anti-growth crusdae….

…Announcing she was now for a smaller Australia, Gillard explained: “I support a population that our environment, our water, our soil, our roads and freeways, our buses, our trains and our services can sustain.”

She added: “It is time to consider whether our model of growth is right for an Australia facing fundamental constraints on our water supplies.”

Hogwash. Pure alarmism, describing a symptom rather than the green cause of our ills.

This vast continent, just 0.5 per cent of it urbanised, does not have a “carrying capacity” we’re about to exceed even in your children’s lifetime.

We could build millions more houses – if we chose to release the land.

We could build water supplies for 10 times our population – if we chose to dam more rivers and build dozens more desalination plants.

We could grow much more food – if we chose to redirect rivers to irrigate more land, or paid extra for more intensive agriculture, or invested more to genetically engineer better crops.

We could supply much more cheap electricity, too – if we chose to build more coal-fired stations, or at least go nuclear.

All this is a matter of choice, not destiny. We’ll only starve or die of thirst if we choose to.

But the astonishing fact is we’re indeed closer than ever to choosing that kind of fate, more by accident than dumb design.

IT’S the new green ideology that has had us draining and banning dams, limiting city sprawl, buying out irrigation farmers, restricting genetically modified crops, ruling out nuclear power and now – incredibly – planning a shutdown of part of Victoria’s biggest coal-fired power station, purely from a green horror of carbon dioxide.

So what the Smiths, Gillards and Greens claim are the terrible consequences of more population are in fact the consequences of a green refusal to give those extra humans (and us) more of what makes life comfortable. They are warning of the harm that they themselves inflict.

But, but, but, you protest.

More people does mean things get squeezy for everyone else. We can’t add 400,000 people a year to our population, as we’ve carelessly done under this Government through immigration and birth, without the pips squeaking.

Pots and kettles anyone? I agree with Bolt on this one, but bit cheeky to accuse others of dog whistling on foreigners, immigration etc.?

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