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Victorian College Regulator Under Scrutiny

Victorian College Regulator Under Scrutiny

College collapses spark fresh probe. VICTORIA’S education regulation agency is under investigation over its ability to do its job properly following a spate of college collapses that have affected thousands of international students.

With crackdowns on so-called dodgy colleges under way, Victoria’s Auditor-General, Des Pearson, is examining whether the government body that approves private trades colleges to operate is regulating them properly. The agency, the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority, is responsible for registering, monitoring and regulating all education providers in Victoria, including private trades colleges that cater to international students.

In the past five years unscrupulous college operators, corrupt education agents and immigration rorts have grown at an unprecedented rate as colleges, particularly in the training sector, have flourished to meet demand from visa-seeking foreign students. Exploitation of international students by college operators who have put profits ahead of education and welfare has undermined the viability of Australia’s $17 billion international education industry.

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