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Australia Ranks 4th in International Wellbeing Survey

Australia Ranks 4th in International Wellbeing Survey

Australia fourth best in international survey of wellbeing. AUSTRALIA has been voted the world’s fourth best country in an international survey of national wellbeing.

Rankings were based on education, health, quality of life, economic competitiveness and political environment by US magazine Newsweek.

The ranking is well ahead of typical rivals Canada (7th), United States (11th), New Zealand (13th), and the United Kingdom (14th).

Footballer turned social commentator Sam Kekovich said it was no surprise Australia was leading the world stage. “The one thing that makes us so good above anything else is our wonderful culture,” he said. “We have a generosity of spirit, a sense of fair play, and an ability to laugh at ourselves.”…. Finland topped the survey, followed by Switzerland and Sweden.

Kekovich questioned how such icy countries could compete against our sun and surf lifestyle. “We get a lot more sun and we’re a far more robust country,” he said.

“I’d be putting my hand up to question how countries where they need to walk around in doonas all day could be better.”

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