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English Language Proficiency of University Student Graduates

English Language Proficiency of University Student Graduates

English should be embedded. MOVES by professions to require international student graduates to pass English language tests reflect a lack of confidence. THE lack of confidence is regarding whether universities are doing enough to ensure graduates have adequate English skills, says English language expert Sophie Arkoudis.

The University of Melbourne associate professor said universities needed to do more to embed English language assessment in their courses, capturing not just international students but also domestic students who may come from non-English-speaking backgrounds or have language difficulties.

“It is really reflecting back on the sector that there isn’t confidence that within their degrees students can develop the communication skills they need,” Professor Arkoudis told the HES…

….But she said universities were not well placed to provide definitive assessments of a graduate’s language achievement. And she noted some academics look for evidence that students understand the course content adequately, rather than assessing their language skills in expressing that knowledge.

She questioned the use of tests such as IELTS as exit tests in the absence of further research. Such tests were designed to assess a student’s ability to start a course and were not tailored to a profession. She also believed targeting the test at international students was discriminatory.

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