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Overseas Workers and Limiting Australia Immigration, Patronising or What?

Postponing prosperity. Wooing skilled overseas workers here to top up Australia’s skills shortage is short-sighted.

AUSTRALIA is one of the very few developed countries with an active migration program. At its recent peak, immigration increased the Australian population by 1.7 per cent while ”natural” increase added 0.6 per cent…

…Labor and the Liberals plus the pro-business commentators all agree that Australia needs more skilled workers in the trade and professional sectors. Australia only trains two-thirds of the doctors and nurses required to care for its population; half Australia’s teachers are within 10 years of retirement age; and welders, plumbers, electricians and carpenters are in such short supply that their wages on major construction projects are more than $3000 a week with meals, accommodation and regular flights home thrown in.

Former treasurer Peter Costello and others argue that if Australia’s population was allowed to stabilise there would be too few workers per older person: now there are 2.7 people between 22 and 59 for each person of 60 or over; by 2050 the Australian Bureau of Statistics projects that there will be only 1.7 people between 22 and 59 for each person of 60 or over…

…Rather than meaningless discussions about migration targets, Australia’s politicians must be forced to clear the obstacles to innovation that have built up over the past 20 years. The dearth of skilled workers is not just a problem for the mining industry; potential innovators are frustrated by the difficulty of recruiting skilled staff. Forgoing any one of the income tax cuts over the past five years would have provided sufficient funds to restore both trade training and professional education.

Disagree, firstly our migration numbers have become confused with population or residents, many are only temporary, they are not permanent. Further, the writer ignores that Australia is a democracy, i.e. we cannot force people to train in particular skill areas, the issue in Oz is career guidance from families and in high schools, maybe it is they who need training?

For example, reason we have a shortage of chefs and cooks is because of high turnover, burnout, socially unfriendly hours and low pay. Nor can we stop those from other countries leaving their homeland for opportunities, especially if they are in a feudal society where even if trained well, opportunities and mobility are lacking unless you are ‘connected’ (would we dare stop Australian taking residency elsewhere?). Again I find too many articles like these are actively searching for reasons to stop immigration to a land of immigrants, often from a city based middle clas perspective… and quite patronising, the Australian habit of telling other people what to do….

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