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Population Concern or ‘White Australian’ Racism?

Population Concern or Racism?

Population Populism, Not Policy. As Australia hurls into the Federal election, population has become the centre ground of debate between the major parties. Yet there is very little difference in the opinions they offer, and both have avoided providing any coherent policy beyond turning back boats of asylum seekers.

Jessica Brown from the Centre for Independent Studies says even if we halved our migration intake we’d still need another six million houses by the middle of the century. While talk is about how we limit migration, there’s no focus on the need to improve our infrastructure.

In this edition of BTalk Jessica says part of the issue is that the benefits of population growth are felt nationally, the cost if borne locally. Discussion of how to cope with this growth needs to consider ways of encouraging local and state governments to want population growth, so they live up to their part of the bargain.

It takes only minimal analysis to see that many anti population growth arguments in media have racist connotations exemplified by Dr. Bob Birrell’s Centre for Population and Urban Research which focuses upon prospective Asian immigrants and residents, but never a mention of Anglo Celtic nor European? Further, by demanding a debate about population, and conflating issues, is a ‘coded’ call for, or ‘wagging the dog’ on imposing anti immigration and racial views upon Australians who may not have an opinion, nor consider the issue significant.

The major concern is that focus upon population, refugees, immigration, overseas students has become a proxy debate about not just lack of infrastructure, and Australia’s questionable attitudes regarding ‘race’, but diverts attention from real issues not being addressed by our politicians and other ‘elites’ e.g. state barriers, infrastructure, regional development, housing policy (increasing size), health, ageing, transport, climate change, carbon dependency, education, relations with our major trading partners in Asia etc. etc.

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