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Population Growth is Prosperity and Productivity

Population Growth is Prosperity and Productivity

Populate or live in boredom. TELL me where you live, and I’ll tell you how prosperous you are. You are better off if you are close to others and their ideas, their supply and demand. The more people that are connected by trade, the more you can make use of knowledge and work that you have not learned or performed yourself. Coasts are wealthy whereas mountainous areas are often poor.

Economists have calculated that a city that is twice as big as another city is almost 10 per cent more productive, because it can engage in a more advanced division of labour. Everybody can focus on what they do best and perfect their skills and invest in supporting technology, and buy the rest from others. It is easier to find the right talent, workers and customers, and you get a multitude of lifestyles and tastes, which creates a more dynamic, pluralist and exciting society….

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