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Australian TAFE degrees versus University degrees

Australian TAFE degrees versus University degrees

Unis resist TAFE push to offer degree courses. TAFE institutes could offer bachelor degrees and compete with universities for students under a bold plan aimed at combating skills shortages.

The government-owned institutes want funding from next year to offer degrees in areas such as building, nursing, IT and accounting.

TAFEs say they have also been approached by industry to provide degrees in areas such as optometry, psychology, dentistry, project management, architectural design, technology, social work and aviation.

Universities say the plan could cheapen the value of an Australian degree at a time when the sector’s international reputation has been challenged.

The collapse of private colleges catering to foreign students and confusion over the future visa status of some students have caused a decline in international enrolments.

But TAFEs say they would offer degrees meeting national standards, and would improve poor and regional students’ access to higher education.

TAFE, why not? This is not about quality but territory, competition and marketing between TAFE and universities. Anyway, TAFEs with lower teacher to student ratios and practical components offer good quality

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