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Gap Year After School Before University

Gap Year After School Before University

Young Brits told: ‘forget university and take a year off’. Would-be British students are being urged to take a year off rather than sign up for unsuitable courses as the shortage of UK university places continues to fuel hopes of a gap year boom.

Johnny Rich, editor of online guide to UK universities, told the UK Daily Telegraph a shortage of last-minute places – traditionally distributed via a system known as ‘clearing’ – could force applicants to make the wrong choice, leading to a rise in drop-out rates.

He said: “Snapping up a place in clearing may get you into university, but if it’s not what you want, you may leave with huge debts and no degree. You’d be better off waiting a year or two until you can get the place you want.”

Makes sense, in Australia also, as who benefits from wasting public resources on higher education that may not be relevant? Further, gap years should be compulsory with a breaking of the entry link between final year of seconday school and university to ensure informed choices are made.

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