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Dumbing Down of Australia

Dumbing Down of Australia

Lost art of pulling it apart engineers an Aussie tech wreck. AUSTRALIA’S intelligence is dropping. Not the general intelligence, but a specialised type of intelligence that is essential for Australia’s economic and general prosperity.

I have been witnessing this drop for years. It is a drop in the natural and intuitive comprehension of technical systems. For years it has been implicitly assumed by educators that engineering students have this comprehension. Even though this is really no longer the case, there has been no major change in the education (primary, secondary and tertiary) system to compensate…

Agree, issues in secondary system where we are not producing maths nor science literate students, why? Too difficult, not taught well, need for higher university ENTER scores precludes science, and aspirations to be “famous” or to be a “manager”…. Further, in general, Australians have no sense of irony anymore e.g. debates about “boat people” and immigration, or when one attempts humour through irony, you are attacked i.e. it is taken seriously, or is that Australians taking themselves too seriously?

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