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Australian Education Sector Indian Students Visas Down

Australian Education Sector Indian Students Visas Down

Indian student visas fall by half. INTERNATIONAL student visa numbers dropped more than 16 per cent last financial year, with the number from India falling by more than half.

In 2008-09, 65,503 Indian passport holders were granted Australian student visas across all education sectors. But in 2009-10, the number fell to just 29,721. Overall, 50,540 fewer international students were granted visas to study in Australia in 2009-10 compared with 2008-09.

The results follow a year of turmoil in the international education sector, with legislative changes, the global financial crisis and student security issues putting pressure on student numbers.

Stephen Connelly, president of the International Education Association of Australia, said the drop was not surprising but very worrying. ”There is so much goodwill we generate from having international students in our country, and we are absolutely shooting ourselves in the foot at the moment,” he said.

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