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Australian and International University Entry

Australian and International University Entry

Uni entry criteria ‘too rigid’. RIGID tertiary entry scores are making it harder for students to get into the Australian National University and other institutions in the ‘‘top eight’’ circle of Australian universities than into Oxford or Harvard.

With this warning, International Baccalaureate Australasian manager Greg Valentine says reliance on a single Australian Tertiary Admission Rank score made university entrance a ‘‘high stakes’’ affair for Year 12 students because acceptance into courses frequently came down to the difference of .05 of a mark.

‘‘With the universities overseas they often make you sit another test; some ask for a portfolio, an essay, [or an] interview and they ask about community services and leadership as well as your academic score,’’ he said. ‘‘The students in IB who want to go overseas, some of them do find it easier to get into Harvard or Oxford or Cambridge than our top universities here that are in top demand [and] that rely on a single score.

One of the major issues is that Australia’s system has become an island, compared with the European Union, which seems to serve internal and public sector stakeholders versus students and offshore universities.  Breaking linkage with high school scores, compulsory gap year etc. would help, but universities would then lose almost guaranteed domestic candidates and income…

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