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Australian International Education and Immigration, a Racial Debate?

Australian International Education and Immigration, a Racial Debate?

Education response a national disgrace. THE federal election confirmed the mining industry is a formidable political force. Having helped topple a prime minister and had a tax radically modified, the sector can be seen to have played a big role in the Coalition’s gains in Queensland and Western Australia.

There is an obvious contrast between the government’s accommodation of miners (covering the top three export industries) and its apparent indifference to concerns within Australia’s fourth largest export industry, international education. Indeed, one could be forgiven for concluding that government views international education as a liability compared with the extractive industries.

Certainly, it is unthinkable that the international education industry could help bring down a prime minister or have a tax radically modified.

Of course, international education is not located totally (or even mainly) in the private sector, so funding hard-hitting anti-government ads is not an option. And, compared with the concentration of mining in certain electorates, the international education workforce is dispersed through a variety of locations without the potential to sway the result in any particular seat.

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