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Australia’s International Students and Falls in Export Income

Australia’s International Students and Falls in Export Income

Turning off the tap. Universities that rely on foreign student fees are heading for financial disaster as international education takes a battering.

FOR more than a decade, the world watched enviously as Australia transformed the art of teaching foreign students into a formidable money-making machine.

Many countries have kept a close eye on the way Australia snared a hefty chunk of the global foreign student market by using permanent residency as a lure. And they have admired the economic pragmatism that has underpinned the success of international education in Australia – an export service that raked in more than $18 billion last year.

Not any more.

Over the past 18 months a number of factors have led to a fall in the number of overseas students wanting to study in Australia. And universities, which rely on international student fees after years of government underfunding, are panicking.

Education observers around the world are now questioning whether Australia’s business model for international education was such a good one after all.

We should thank Anglo Celticc background Australian conservatives on both sides of politics including Abbott, Gillard, Kelvin Thompson, Bob Carr, Kevin Andrews, John Howard et al, and “academics” such as Dr. Bob Birrell et al for running scare campaigns about immigration, refugees, international students etc. playing to a neo “white Australia” agenda. The idustry itself is alos to blame for not only having similar attitudes treating (Asian) students as “cash cows” but failing to explain the short and long term benefits to Australia.

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