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Higher Education Internaternational Student Mobility

Higher Education Internaternational Student Mobility

Changes looming in global student market. After analysing international trade data, Angel Calderon of RMIT University in Australia predicts the sun is setting on international students from some East Asian countries, continues to shine on India and China, while sunrise countries such as Chile and the Czech Republic may not yet be visible on the horizon but will be a source of international students in future.

Traditional sources of mobile students such as Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Malaysia and Singapore are now ‘sunset’ markets, with the number of students from these countries going to Australia, Britain the US and elsewhere for higher education remaining stable or expected to decline in the next five to 10 years.

However, India and China will continue to be ‘sunshine’ markets for international students going abroad, with medium growth to 2020, according to Calderon in an analysis presented at the OECD’s Institutional Management in Higher Education conference on Monday.

Other Sunshine states likely to emerge as exporters of students in the near future include Pakistan, Brazil, Vietnam, Brazil, Russia and Georgia.

Only passing mention is made of new destination countries where in fact there are many already existing, which need only set up fee paying infrastructure i.e. all EU mobility program participants teaching through English.

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