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Tourism Australia Oprah Winfrey Marketing Campaign

Tourism Australia Oprah Winfrey Marketing Campaign

Throw another million on the barbie. TALK show host Oprah Winfrey has always had the Midas touch when it comes to the media.

When the US billionaire announced during the week that she would be jetting to Australia to film episodes of her show — with 300 audience members and 150 crew in tow — the story attracted the kind of media pick-up that money can’t buy.

But one crucial question remains: will this be enough to haul Australia’s tourism industry out of its rut?

After the federal and NSW governments, along with corporate sponsors Qantas, Ten Network and R.M. Williams kicked in about $3 million to bring Winfrey and her entourage to Australia, the industry is asking, is the cult of celebrity enough?

…The younger Brown’s gripe is that tourism authorities have been long fixated on the demand side of tourism through marketing campaigns at the expense of supply-side problems such as comparatively high labour costs and problems with tourism infrastructure.

Is the US market worth considering with high AUD and economic malaise? Is it because culturally more comfortable for Australian government, tourism and advertising industry personnel?

Similar campaigns from Asia would be more useful and free e.g. Bollywood film “Salaam Nastase” was very successful then we managed to scare most Indian students and tourists away…

Agree that tourism authorities, like in education industry, focus upon demand and outbound marketing (requiring international travel etc.) but ignore supply side, onshore and inbound marketing issues….

2 Responses to “Tourism Australia Oprah Winfrey Marketing Campaign”

  1. Celebrity and media both have immense influence on people. One create it other spread it. Australia should focus on international travel campaign with neighboring countries like India, China to boost Tourism.

  2. Every successful travel-oriented business needs an effective group marketing strategy to compete in today’s marketplace as this is an imperative way to promote
    tourism marketing

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