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Australian Website Marketing SEO Search Engine Optimisation Needed.

Australian Marketing SEO Search Engine Optimisation Needed.

Australia lags the pack on commercial clicks. AUSTRALIAN small and medium businesses have been slow to get online, lagging behind Europe and the US, despite hard evidence that those businesses that use the internet well do better.

A recent survey of 1000 Australian businesses found that only 35 per cent had a website, 18 per cent used social media such as Facebook, YouTube or Twitter, and 13 per cent used online newsletters or blogs to promote their business….

….”Businesses that make the time to get online do make more money and are more confident,” Mr Smith said.

But he cautioned that businesses needed to make sure that when they created a website it was properly done, to get a good return on their investment. ”We do warn against spending money on what we call ‘billboards in the desert’: a website that no one visits.”….

Mr Smith said that with the introduction of the national broadband network, smaller businesses were well positioned to develop an online presence and that tools were in development to help them build an effective website quickly….

”Marketing and promotion and retaining clients are things businesses want to address and the internet is a huge opportunity for Australian businesses,” Mr Smith said.

Obvious that many in international marketing, sales and promotions roles are threatened by the internet, or at least the need for travel…..

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