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Australian Victorian International Education Quality Control

Australian Victorian International Education Quality Control

Audit slams education oversight. OVERSIGHT of Victorian vocational education and training is failing to ensure institutions are up to scratch, the Auditor-General has found. 

Auditor-General Des Pearson says the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority ”cannot reliably assure that it has effectively regulated VET providers”.

The report says the authority has been slow to implement important changes to the way VET providers are regulated, and has kept incomplete records of registration. It says there is no oversight of assessors’ work, and the authority ”does not quality assure the work of its staff or contracted auditors”.

It is the role of the VRQA to monitor the performance of Victoria’s almost 1200 VET providers and ensure they meet minimum standards. In recent years the industry has taken a battering as reports of dodgy colleges exploiting international students and providing substandard qualifications surfaced.

Quality providers have been complaining for some years about this issue…. but there seemed to be more attention paid by state agencies, media, politicians, TAFEs and universities about attributing blame to international students, agents and private sector…..

The Auditor Generals in each state could also invetsigate state sector i.e. TAFE, universities and Departments of Education, regarding their international education activity offshore e.g. $500 million spent annually on international travel to “events” masquerading as “international marketing” (when most effective is via internet and agents), failed offshore projects and industry conferences e.g. as we speak the European Association of International Education EAIE annual conference attracts near 100 Australian university personnel….the same education sector that now has its hands out for more funding from government will no doubt be desperate for more next years as international student commencements decline further but will never cut their travel costs….

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