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Australian Racism International Student University Enrolments

Australian Racism Monash University International Student Enrolments

Tertiary education feels the big pinch. THE education sector was always going to be subject to the negative side of the two-speed economy, along with tourism and other services and whatever manufacturing is left. As mining exports and the resurgent farm sector drive the dollar to parity with the US dollar and beyond, and the currencies of rival educational host countries such as Britain take a dive, the cost advantage that our universities and colleges had come to take for granted has been eroded… 

Monash University is not some dodgy vocational college getting its just deserts for rorting the student visa system as part of an immigration racket. It is one of the leading eight universities that regularly figure on lists of the top-ranked institutions globally, and a centre of world-leading research. It is now laying off 300 staff and cutting $45 million from its budget, as a result of a slump in overseas student enrolments. Curtin University in Perth, another highly respected institution, is warning of an overall 30 per cent fall in enrolments by 2015 that could strip 36,000 jobs and $7 billion in revenue from the system.

One of the reasons cited by university heads is a national image problem. This is not the perception of Australia as the ‘‘dumb blonde’’ of the world, as suggested by a British branding specialist, Simon Anholt, and perhaps encouraged by the antics of Tourism Australia. This would at least look friendly, if not touting any intellectual depth. It is a resurgence of the image, particularly in Asia, of Australia as a deeply racist country.

Glyn Davis of Melbourne University says the actual and perceived racial overtones of attacks on Indian students have done huge and lingering damage in that market, with enrolments at tertiary level falling 80 to 90 per cent. The recent uproar over stupid and racist internet comments by a couple of Victorian policemen showed how fragile is the recovery from the rash of violence last year.

Fred Hilmer of the University of NSW has meanwhile returned from a tour of several major student recruitment countries in the region with the depressing assessment that we have a ‘‘brand’’ problem. This year’s election campaign with its fear-mongering about boat people and a ‘‘big Australia’’ had made people in Asia feel they were no longer welcome. Student enrolments could be the ‘‘road-kill’’ in this game of political chicken.

Good to see no lack of irony in Australia, in fact Monash University, albeit indirectly, could be blamed for the thinly veiled racist rhetoric that has become part of our political and media landscape whether it be debates about education quality, visa rorting, immigration, social cohesion, environment, population growth, employment skills etc. Why?

Because Monash University’s Centre for Population & Urban Research CPUR run by Dr. Bob Birrell encourages neo white Australia propaganda masquerading as “demographic research”, unfortunately many Australian politicians, journalists, academics etc. seem to agree with him…..

4 Responses to “Australian Racism International Student University Enrolments”

  1. The dollar parity with the US is not going to help either. Looks like the education market will be under significant stress if things continue. And that’s just an understatement.

  2. Australia promoted itself in early days as price competitive compared with the US and UK, while industry, exemplified by IDP, modelled itself on old statutory authorities e.g. AWB, Austrade etc. while describing education, although a service, as a “commodity” (suggesting that international students were merely numbers):(

  3. An interesting article, I found it an eye-opener to read the stats and perspectives about the decline in international student enrolments. However I feel that connecting it to Monash’s CPUR was not supported by the facts, and the blog post you referenced re: CPUR showed a great lack of objectivity.

    • Not sure what writings here about CPUR are not objective? At best CPUR articulates a view shared by some Australians, but in a seemingly academic or sophisticated way that will not be seen as openly anti – immigration.

      CPUR via Dr.Bob Birrell, are quoted often in the media regarding population, demography, international students, immigration, social identity etc. Any comments made here about CPUR are based upon CPUR’s own public research, publications and statements in the media.

      CPUR is one of many special interest groups of the “elite” who use their priviliged position to try influence Australian political and media debate (and accordingly society) about immigration and population from, non white European sources (CPUR itself claims to have advised both sides of politics).

      My mind would be put at ease about CPUR’s motives if they were able state something positive about the tangible and intangible value of international students, immigration and people from a non white background.

      With CPUR being based at Monash University, I wonder what Sir John Monash would make of CPUR, especially with him being an economic refugee from Prussia and Jewish?

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