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Australian Job Skills Demand Index from Clarius

According to Clarius Skills Index September Quarter the 10 occupations and index readings that are currently experiencing skilled labour shortages are listed below:

  • Building and Engineering Professionals (100.5)
  • Computing Professionals (101.4)
  • Building and Engineering Associate Professionals (100.8)
  • Metal Tradespersons (108.0)
  • Automotive Tradespersons (104.5)
  • Construction Tradespersons (102.7)
  • Food Tradesperson (102.7)
  • Wood Tradesperson (103.6)
  • Chefs (108.5)
  • Hairdressing Tradespersons (102.7)

The hospitality industry is already suffering from falls in international students and immigrants “Waiter, waiter…”, but then again with recent news of public sector cuts in UK a new wave of “economic refugees” could be on their way…..

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