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Australian Education Minister Supports Overseas Students

Australian Education Minister Supports Overseas Students

Feds back overseas students. TERTIARY Education Minister Chris Evans last week stressed he wanted debate over international education kept separate from that on population.

During the election campaign in August, Opposition Leader Tony Abbott attracted headlines with a warning that overseas student numbers had to be “politically sustainable”.

Similarly, the government won popular support for its student visa crackdown, while acknowledging lower numbers would hurt the economy.

However, in a speech at the University of Canberra last week, Senator Evans, the former immigration minister, said student visas were temporary. “They are not included in permanent migration program numbers and we remain committed to maintaining our international student program as an uncapped program,” he said.

In a world where competition for human capital was fierce, international education was one of the most important economic reform areas, Senator Evans said….

….but don’t let that get in the way of Australian politicians, media and society playing the race card….. “wagging the dog”, “dog whistling” now “dogs chasing their tails” wondering why students are not coming to Australia…


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