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Young take on the monoculture. It is not just the deft Tony Jones and the well-chosen line-up of witty pundits and politicians that make the ABC’s Q&A program such a unique and pleasurable television event.

It is the audience. Nowhere else in television, except for SBS, can viewers see Australians represented as we truly are….. In the Q&A audience are people of Indian or Chinese or Middle East background mingled in among the blond, blue-eyed Anglos, asking pointed questions in Aussie English, and simply fitting in. Watching the Q&A audience makes you realise what is lamentably lacking in the rest of the media: any effort to represent Australians in all our colour, diversity and complexity.

Business groups slam new migration test, claims English language test could exacerbate skills crisis. Business groups have slammed the Government’s new skilled migration test, saying it will exacerbate the skills shortage and make it even harder for small businesses to hire new and qualified staff in specialised areas.

The comments come just after new figures from economists suggest immigration will drop over the next few years and the skills shortage will become worse as employers search for qualified staff, especially in the engineering, trades, manufacturing and construction industries.

John Hart, chief executive of Restaurant and Catering Australia, says the new test will make the skills shortage in the hospitality industry even worse, warning that restaurants and other catering firms may struggle to find qualified chefs who are specialists in overseas cooking methods.

Skilled Visa Points Test – Summary and Comment PomsinOz

James Halliday’s annual Top 100 list of the best Australian reds, whites and sparkling wines, as well as Peter Lalor’s Top 20 beers

The drought breaks. The Millennium Drought is finally over, bringing regional communities back to life. THE sunburnt country has been recharged. The ravages of drought are replaced with the kind of fruitful abundance that many feared had been lost to history. Like the Federation Drought before it, the Millennium Drought has finally broken.

Along a great inland swath from Queensland through NSW, southwestern Victoria and into South Australia, the dams and rivers are lapping at their confines. Crops are bulging in the field and nature has grasped the opportunity to restock and recover from the decade-long dry.

House prices hit a wall. Australia’s house price growth slowed to a crawl in the three months to September, amid higher interest rates and worsening affordability.

Tom predicts a riot. Last week, I listened to founder Tom Griffiths talking about supply conditions from the UK and Europe. He said: “Let’s have a look some news from Europe on what’s been happening this year….

..If this unprecedented negative view of Australia won’t affect future numbers, let’s all carry on as normal. But if there’s a chance there might be a problem, we should address it. And no-one seems to remember the solutions Tom offered – chiefly working with operators like himself in the UK and Europe to spread the word that there are jobs in Australia.

This morning he wrote me an e-mail pointing out how Australia is a positive solution for many UK students and suggesting the industry works together to come up with one message – “that Oz is the perfect place to come to escape all this, further your life, work and travel”.

Tourism Australia “Aussie Specialists”. Aussie Specialist Travel Agents are dedicated to selling and promoting Australia. Having undertaken training on the destination Aussie Enthusiasts are a good resource to help you plan and book your trip to Australia.

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  1. love your post. my best friend has just emmagrated to Australia and is loving it. I’m looking at Ausie blogs to see the real culture. Love your style keep it up

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