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Australian Migration New Points Test 2011

Australian Migration New Points Test 2011

Introduction of New Points Test. It is proposed that a new points test for skilled migration visa applications will be introduced on 1 July 2011. It complements the series of reforms the Australian Government announced in February 2010.

The new points test is focused on selecting highly skilled people to deliver a more responsive and targeted migration program. It was developed following a review of the current points test, which considered submissions from a variety of experts and the wider Australian community.

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3 Responses to “Australian Migration New Points Test 2011”

  1. The number of people who can get a score of 7 or 8 in all bands is very small and people from non-white nations such as USA, U.K., Ireland, NZ and Australia are exempt from the IELTS test. Guess who will form the main wave of immigrants now?
    I am amazed that the anti-dicrimination laws in Australia are so ignored by DIAC!

    These are the IELTS figures:
    Effect of IELTS Scores on Number of Candidates

    POST- JULY 2007
    Min. Band
    AT LEAST 7.0 4.79%
    AT LEAST 8.0 1.54%
    AT LEAST 9.0 0.16%

    Most Australians could not get 7 in all bands.

  2. 1)it is more difficult to attain 7or 8 band in IELTS for NON European countries .merely people in australia, canada, america , newzeland ,england can understand and attain 7 band , hard difficult in non-european countries to gain 7 score in each module to gain 7 band .
    please make flexible policy for immigrants so they can come easily australia for australian development.
    2)Immigration fee is also a big problem , in underdeveloped countries.make easy to use and convenient medium fee for immigrant applicants.

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