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Study in Europe Study Abroad Budapest Hungary EU

Australian Students Study in Europe, Study Abroad Budapest Hungary EU

The Hungarian Education Ministry’s Study Transfer Office assists international candidates to enrol in economically priced English language teaching medium university programs in Hungary (EUR1000-7000 p.a.), Budapest and regional cities.

International candidates can join Australians, Germans, Scandinavians, Turks, Americans, British, Irish, Europeans, Israelis, Iranians, Greeks, Cypriots and more who enjoy the benefits of quality study in Hungary, low cost of living, Budapest inner city European lifestyle, safe environment, employment and travel opportunities.

Courses include undergraduate and post graduate in business, economics, maths, science, engineering, information technology, health, medical, pharmacy, veterinary science, social sciences, agricultural science, education and related short training courses.

More information about studying in Hungary contact Andrew Smith at AIEC QUEST Australian International Education Centre Budapest, Hungary.

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