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Australian International Education Outlook 2011 India crisis now China

Outlook for 2011.  Universities are increasingly concerned that new international student numbers are falling quite substantially. There is a fall in higher education visa applications for semester two of 16-20%, with bigger falls being reported by agents for 2010-11.

At the same time pathways programs into universities are falling even faster, possibly exceeding 30% for universities for next year according to a range of reports coming in.


Growing signs of China crisis.  THE number of Chinese students undertaking English-language tests in preparation for coming to Australia has plummeted by more than 25 per cent this year.

This confirms fears of a downturn next year in the country’s single largest international student market.

The International English Language Testing System data shows candidates are instead aiming to go to the US and Britain. It is a further sign students are being put off by tighter visa requirements and a strong Australian dollar.

In addition, an Austrade survey of Chinese agents reveals 53 per cent are expecting demand for Australian education to fall during the next three to 12 months.

The survey of 30 agents found increased costs, along with tighter migration settings and policy uncertainty, were key turn-offs for students.

Nearly half the agents reported their Australian business had fallen by more than 20 per cent, while their business for the US was up an average of 50 per cent.


There are also the flow on effects for not just industry employees, tourism and related industries, but also property market both rental and purchasing, not to forget the slowing effect on population growth…..


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