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Australia Immigration Nation SBS Documentary January 2011

Australia Immigration Nation SBS Documentary January 2011

We appreciate our immigrants — if they earn it. Despite past successes, attitudes towards new Australians remain contradictory. 

WE used to have the dagos and the wogs. Then it was the slopes and the slanty-eyeds, the yellows, the balts and the Lebs and the curry-munchers. And more recently it has been the towel-heads and the terrorists infiltrating Australia and undermining our way of life.

If there is a lesson in the past half-century or so of migration, it’s that new arrivals can expect a withering initiation. The nicknames may change, and so too the migrant groups subjected to suspicion, derision and worse, but the fear that drives such insults is persistent and widespread….

…Australian society has been supple enough to adapt to wave after wave of migration in the 65 years since World War II, and by and large we like the society we’ve created. So, although there are myriad concerns about how future immigration might threaten our society, our history says we have reason to be confident. We are nothing if not champions of change.

New Series: January 9, 2011 on SBS One “Immigration Nation The Secret History of Us”.

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21 Responses to “Australia Immigration Nation SBS Documentary January 2011”

  1. […] am also looking forward to the new SBS series Australia: Immigration Nation. As that blog notes: We appreciate our immigrants — if they earn it. Despite past successes, […]

  2. Yes, I too am looking forward to the propaganda piece, even in the face of reality we all know to be true but nobody has the courage to express….Yes, we got it, Europeans bad, 3rd world good…Bore, sigh, yawn…..

    • Well that’s well spotted, especially since no one has viewed the documentary yet? In Australia the majority would disagree and view it as part of our shared history being descendants of immigrants, along with indigenous people, and hopefully not just “us and them”…… I gather your views are more closely attuned to “FAIR: Federation for American Immigration Reform” much like “Australia’s CPUR Centre for Population & Urban Research” run by Dr. Bob Birrell who borrow similar arguments….

      • I think anybody with a grain of common sense can get the gist of the documentary by the trailer…Funny, almost 80% of current Australians were born in Australia, which kind of debunks this whole argument….Oh, I am sure it is just a conicident as well that such a documentary is now coming forth with the illegal alien fly in and boat folks…Nah, just a coincidence…Majority of Australians? I think not……

      • What else don’t you know about Australia and what argument is there to be debunked?🙂 Or let me guess, there is a conspiracy of the elitists and liberals who through political correctness are denying debate of freedom of speech about immigration, national identity, race….. Well as an Australian it is my inalienable right to be pig headed ignorant, bloody intolerant, never compromise and be a bit racist, but thankfully I am not🙂

        Of those 80% from whom were they born, and where did their ancestors come from? UK, Ireland, Europe and increasingly Asia, where our present and future economic prosperity comes from, not UK, Europe nor USA. Think you will find most Australians are quite comfortable and proud of immigration, except for a very vocal minority who want a return to a neo “white Australia”, but to their horror the natural Australian is becoming a light cocoa colour, very handsome! Further, what intrigues me here in Australia with those holding anti immigration attitudes etc., and those of similar ilk from elsewhere, why the concern about a supposed issue which has no impact upon their lives personally? Leads one to suspect they are proxy arguments for the phenomenon that hath no name……

    • Dead right Sparta,

      This is just another crack at the white man from the radical left.

      It seems to be the ‘in thing’ these days… soon the day will come when white men are lynched in the street, simply for being white.

      It’s not OK to be a racist in Australia, unless of course, you are picking on whites…

      … because the white man supposedly is the source of all evil in this world according to radical leftist BS like that the SBS is serving up here.

      • Comments from “guilty of being white” is a good example of the angst many racists must be going through, not unlike anti refugee debate in Australia from many middle class which makes them look like insecure losers, not to mention kooky conservatives.

        Ironically, the comments above from the US are “ironic” as they may not be aware that Australia did have an official “White Australia” policy into the 60s.

        Further, racist arguments assuming only leftists or communists are not racist preclude conservatives or libertarians from being tolerant and accepting of all colours and creeds to help get ahead in this world, rather than relying upon “trailer park trash” and wacky white middle class of both sides of politics. What is immigration and globalisation, a leftist or capitalist conspiracy?

        Enough media and lobby group orchestrated ignorance in Australia nowadays like there is in the US e.g. “Tea Bags” who would think Reagan was a communist, or in Australia where many would prefer not to see economic refugees like the great Sir John Monash into Australia……

        One hopes that in addition to the silent Australian majority, and others who have been misled in “debates” about refugees, immigration,, population, identity etc. will learn something about the mistakes made in our history, in addition to the immigration success story, from this documentary.

        We have enough racists in Australia already in media, politics, academia and society, known as “the last wank of the skipocracy”.

  3. Here are the official previews and related articles from The Australian for all three parts of series from SBS Australia:

  4. Good to see there are already decent people here taking a stance against this piece of anti-white/anti-Australian propaganda!
    SBS’s subscription to the aggressive multicult agenda is becoming ever more overt, and this vile “documentary” is the worst illustartion of such yet.
    One gets used to hearing so many self-loathing white liberals eager to plunge the knife in their own people’s back and to urge on their own society’s destruction.
    So, as I say, it’s good to see some speaking against this show, and the social engineering it supports…as I was going to, and am!

    • Yes good to see Australians being more “relaxed and comfortable” about themselves in addition to displaying those great Australian traits of tolerance, fair go, confidence, equality, avoidance of “elitism” and democratic freedom of speech. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that Australians have lost their sense of irony🙂

  5. My wife, Margaret and I have just watched Immigration Nation on SBS I. The historical images and the presentation are excellent.
    The history commentators are grossly dogmatic and biased. None seek to raise and seek to answer the question “why was it so?”. None consider the world context of the period. Of course the “white Australia” was racist but its intent was to maintain good incomes for working people. Modern Australians have inherited that outcome, namely very high basic wages and a reasonably egalitarian society which is complete contrast to North America. As a nation with a strong economy for over 100 years we can of course now do without the past “white Australia” policies and welcome clever people from all over the world. But we must be tough and make sure new migrants are willing and capable of harmoniously joining this wonderful democracy.

    • My understanding was that Australia had some of the highest incomes in the world late 1800s? personally I would like to see more anecdotal or personal stories, much of the racism in Australia first half of the century was not based upon colour (espeically when predominantly white) but religion….. Guess next part, post WWII will include a lot more personal stories. Knowing the immigration system personally, it is already pretty tough, but not tough enough according to many opinion polls, politicians and media🙂

  6. This series proves to be even more insulting and biased than the already insulting trailers hinted!
    It was of course racial, but not “racist”, for us to wish to remain the population of our own country!
    It was, and is, our right!

    • You forget when you refer to “our” that means it is “our democracy” not yours where your views can be imposed upon “all of us” likein the media these days where we have “white men shouting”.

      Can I take it that you would have disagreed with Australia being allied with Britain etc. against the Nazis who murdered Jews, Gypsies, unionists etc.?

      Idea of democracy is to protect all citizens from tyranny….take note of the next comment….. the writer also had no liking for Jews etc. but understood what happened when hatred was allowed to fester and demonise others…..

  7. Pastor Martin Niemöller (1892–1984):

    “First they came….”

    When the Nazis came for the communists,
    I remained silent;
    I was not a communist.

    When they locked up the social democrats,
    I remained silent;
    I was not a social democrat.

    When they came for the trade unionists,
    I did not speak out;
    I was not a trade unionist.

    When they came for the Jews,
    I remained silent;
    I wasn’t a Jew.

    When they came for me,
    there was no one left to speak out.

  8. According to this doc, Japan tried to invade Aus in WWII due to the White policy.
    Hilarious……….what a

    • Producers could have stressed more strongly Australia’s “white Australia” policy was only one minor indirect cause of Japan feeling unwanted in the world and helped encourage later militarist regime….. yes too much emaphasis.

  9. SCATHING review of immigration nation:

    • The reason I approved this post is to show an example of not just naked racism and anti semitism that can be found on the blog link, presumably US based, but also how an Australian (?) named “Scott” highlighted the current SBS immigration documentary on the same racist blog.

      By doing so not only has he highlighted the unhinged paranoia of these racist conspiracy theorists, but if he is Australian, his own ignorance, which is insulting of all Australians, why?

      By displaying anti semitism it also impugns the reputation of the late but great Sir John Monash. I assume “Scott” would not dare enter any RSL club in Australia and make an anti semitic remark against Monash as he would be lynched.

      Monash as described Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery who later wrote: “I would name Sir John Monash as the best general on the western front in Europe”, and his funeral was attended by 250,000 Melburnians.

  10. Totally agree with everyone on this thread who see this documentary for what it is – a propaganda piece designed to further instill guilt in the white population and undermine the value systems upon which this great country was built.

    • I would accept the idea that the documentary has been “provocative” in its promotion, but very important that Australians know their history, and that it is factually correct. Further, curious about this “white” victim mentality… whatever white is….. and this other phenomenon in Australia from a very noisy minority, whingeing, whining and attacking anything and anyone whom one does not agree with. Simple solution, don’t watch the documentary, after all Australia is a demoncracy where (generally) we aspire to freedomof speech?

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