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Latest Update April includes:

1. News
2. Overview CEE & Turkey
3. Digital/Online Marketing


*Late news, many in industry confirm that AL3 candidates for ELICOS and/or
VET will not get a visa (and AL1 & 2 may well be asked for interviews)....
unless they intend to study higher education, they are obviously "non
genuine" students (as confirmed by comments from Knight heading visa
review, i.e. no problem with system, it's the students :))

*AIEC's new partners in Istanbul have private university client in
Istanbul seeking Australian university articulation partner for their fee
paying 2 year diploma equivalent graduates to enter university degree
program in Australia, with credit.

* Turkey now has 55 private universities (which include VET), and more to

*AIEC attending Rotary fair for Turkish universities, in Antalya, 45 local
state and private universities exhibiting.

*Universities Australia and Seek's jointly owned IDP is opening (US
managed) office in Istanbul to promote US and UK institutions (no conflict
of interest there? Interesting to see reaction of local agents, AIEC will
be meeting with country manager May).

*TAFE NSW "appears" to have a presence in Turkey
via agent IEA-A but, if official, was probably planned several years ago
before student visa and immigration changes, or as does happen in Turkey,
the "TAFE brand" has been purloined for private marketing purposes in

*Assume, as in the past (not pursued by AEI Austrade), that VET to
university pathway degrees will not be recognised nor accredited in Turkey
by YÖK?

*ELICOS which is most significant sector for students from Turkey heading
toward 50%+ drop in visas (assume VET similar), and ditto CEE.....

*Unclear for visa applications regarding VET Diploma/Adv Diploma for
definition of "higher education institution"? Submissions to new student
visa review may inform government and soften stricter visa changes
introduced past year?

*Digital marketing offer for CEE, Turkey and UK stands, existing
subscribers AUD750 will maintain and improve Google PR and search engine
indexing in these markets, in addition to physical liaison and "preferred
partner" status (new subscribers from AUD950). To check relevant offshore
back links, i.e. indicates website visibility see

2. Overview 2011/12 CEE & Turkey:

AIEC has commenced business development in Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia,
Serbia, Romania, Greece (Thessaloníki), Turkey and Northern Cyprus.  The
focus will be upon development of ongoing relationships direct with state,
private institutions' (high school, VET and university) career, further
study advisors, and participation where possible in  internal career and
education fairs for students and alumni (closed to general public).

These regions and cities include those strong in agriculture, tourism,
health care, education and engineering such as Antalya, Adana (in EU's top
20 growth regions), Antakya, Mersin, Konya, Isparta, Kayseri, Mugla
(Fethiye/Bodrum), Eskisehir, Canakkale (Gallipoli), Bursa, Trabzon etc.

Later in 2011 AIEC shall have an ongoing comprehensive contact database
crossing all education sectors (and borders) and including key
stakeholders with contact details available for subscribers, and specific
project research needs.

3. Digital or Online Marketing Strategy:

AIEC has received institutional feedback agreeing that internet, social
media etc. are way ahead to find students, but how to do it? Why does one
develop an international digital marketing strategy? For the same reason
one has a marketing strategy, to increase awareness and interest of your
destination and institution, leading to  decision and action (AIDA).

So you want your website or shop front to be more visible online in
relevant markets, much like banners at fairs and brochures in offices have
done, to increase awareness and attract related interest, how?

*Digital/web marketing must be integrated with overall management, IT,
marketing and admissions strategies (not an "add on"), and direct
enquirers need to be informed of offshore agents who can "close"
(generally does not happen, especially if enquiries contracted out, e.g.
StudyLink, Hobsons etc.).

*SEO Search Engine Optimisation of website through inclusion of other
languages, hypertext links of offshore agent (websites) listing, other
relevant offshore links and regularly updated content.

*Blog(s) of student generated content and related news in other languages,
linked to and sending traffic to website.

*Facebook page for existing/prospective and alumni to interact, and very
effective for "branding" (if very economic) paid advertising used via
Facebook, only pay for click throughs (large number of banner
impressions/views free).

*Student and related videos in other languages uploaded onto YouTube,
tagged in other languages, and institution website clearly highlighted.

*Encourage offshore agents to submit your institution website to related
study and education directories, increaes Google PR and attracts related
traffic (Australian promotional strategies do not include?).

*Monitor and measure i.e. review opinions and feedback, measure country
traffic, keyword searches, and sources via Google Analytics e.g. how much
traffic comes through agent websites and related.

"Web Trends to Watch in 2011"

Value of digital marketing offer is that AIEC assists with ongoing advice
etc. knowledge transfer or replication to allow use of digital techniques
in other markets.

AIEC QUEST Australian International Education Centre

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