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University Higher Education Southern Turkey Mediterranean

AIEC QUEST has visited Cukurova University Adana, Cag University (private) Adana Yenice Tarsus and Mersin University Mersin, multi faculty universities, including vocational schools (there is also the private Toros University Mersin), situated on 100km coastal strip between Mersin and Adana (north of Cyprus).

The region is an import/export gateway to the eastern Mediterranean, with a temperate to sub tropical climate, with industry based on agriculture, tourism, mining, logistics and health. Major expansion is being undertaken with new airport, hotels etc. in anticipation of the Eastern Mediterannean Games in 2013.

There is interest in potential partners for:

  • Potential twinning programs e.g. 2 year diploma students entering 2nd year of university degree with credit transfer (difficult to do in Turkey);
  • Memorandum of Understanding MOU for student exchange and research cooperation;
  • EU 7th Framework international partners and cooperationon related projects;
  • Internships, work & study and English opprtunities;
  • Distance or open learning content, and continuing education;
  • Participation in, on campus, career and further education days;
  • Information on scholarship and funding sources.

For further information contact Andrew Smith at AIEC QUEST Australian International Education Centre.

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