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Australian News Economy Property Migration Study

Australian News Economy Property Migration Study

National Tourism Alliance urges Government to fight hard for the international student market. The National Tourism Alliance has made a submission to the Government’s strategic review of the student visa program, stressing the value of international education.Farmers want ‘bush migrants’. THE National Farmers Federation wants Julia Gillard’s new population strategy to tie migration to regional settlement and moving to the bush.

Chill goodbye to our Indian summers
. We will rue the day we blew our chance with foreign students. I DIDN’T need statisticians to tell me the foreign student bubble had burst – it was clear to see in my local park. In the warmer months of 2009 and 2010, the cricket oval near our house resounded most afternoons and evenings with the joyous sounds of Indian students playing cricket.

Welcome to the happy country
. She’ll be right. That seems to be the view of most Australians, says a report that compares life satisfaction across 40 nations.The report, published by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, confirms Australia’s national reputation for optimism, and shows good reason for the sunny outlook.

Backpacking around Australia. Gap year guides, advice, suggestions and help.

Why Australian’s property market is losing its shine: Gottliebsen. What’s happening on the Sunshine and Gold Coast apartment markets is a mirror image of what happened in the housing markets in the southern and mid-west states of the US. And it provides a valuable pointer to answer the two questions that plague so many Australians: What could cause an abrupt end to the high level of Australian dwelling prices? Or, put another way, how do we maintain or increase Australian prices?

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