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Effective Multilingual Digital Marketing for International Education

AIEC has commenced targetting relevant traffic and inbound links to subscribing institutions for visibility in English, Hungarian, German, Turkish, Greek, Serbian, Polish, Romanian, Croatian, Slovene, French, Spanish, Portugese, Russian, Bulgarian, Italian and Farsi (and open to suggestions).

Further, while AIEC visits, liases with and attends career/study days at private (and some state) universities and K12s in Turkey (& Cyprus) througout 2011/12, our preferred partners printed info is also distributed, and if visiting can assist with relevant meets.

In 2010 AIEC conducted some “mystery shopping” with 10 universities, not one (mostly sub contracted or third party) admissions officer asked how the enquirer found the institution, although the most important marketing question an institution can ask, i.e. which marketing channels are supplying prospectives?

AIEC now attracts the equivalent of 70,000+ relevant visitors annually direct to website and blogs, and 400,000+ impressions (views of Facebook page) annually. However, AIEC, is unable to ascertain how many direct enquirers found an institution through AIEC digital marketing efforts, e.g. via our website, blogs or related posts, only the institution can (by asking propsectives and/or viewing traffic via free Google Analytics).

However AIEC is able to assess inbound links an institution has via AIEC blogs etc. which increase the likelihood of an institution being found online.

Importance of inbound links according to Australian Tourism Data Warehouse:

  • Search engines use inbound links to a website to gauge its popularity and importance.
  • Links are the online version of word-of-mouth.

  • If you have identified a relevant website and that you both share informative and complementary content, reciprocal links are a good opportunity as both your readers and search engines will be pleased (e.g. agent websites, education blogs, study directories etc.).

For basic inbound link analysis one can use

Top Tips:

1. With (free) Google Analytics installed you can analyse traffic referrals, with backlinks i.e. which websites and how much traffic they refer, such as agents websites, directories, blogs and social media.

2. Include agent website links on agent listing, this creates backlinks to each of your markets thus online visibility.

3. How to asses you Facebook page

After assessing institution inbound links, AIEC has been responsible for developing up to 85% of subscribing and institutional partners’ inbound links, and now understand why state marketing bodies and European institutions have approached AIEC requesting links and/or digital marketing assistance :)  but most institutions’ marketing and recruitment personnel on the whole still do not appreciate the benefits😦

AIEC also recommends attending EAIE Marketing & Recruitment training workshop ‘marketing in the digital age’ this June in Copenhagen!

AIEC QUEST Australian International Education Centre Europe Digital Marketing Services.

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