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Curtin University IELTS Test Centre to Close after Corruption Scandal

CURTIN University will close its IELTS English language testing centre following a corruption scandal….In many cases, the test results were used by international students to secure permanent residency visas. As would-be skilled migrants, they had to show competent English. The price for fake IELTS results was as high as $11,000…

…The link between education and migration has been weakened by immigration policy changes.That link made English language test results especially valuable.

IELTS has a monopoly as the only officially acceptable proof of English competence for sought-after skilled migration visas but that monopoly is under challenge.

The International English Language Testing System is run worldwide by Cambridge University, the British Council and student recruiter IDP. In Australia, IDP owns the IELTS business through the company IELTS Australia.


As a former Romanian Minister opined some years ago, monopolies (and special treatment) inevitably lead to corruption. Would any Australian “self regulating” state institutions’ international education activities stand up to closer scrutiny?

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One Response to “Curtin University IELTS Test Centre to Close after Corruption Scandal”

  1. As a former examiner who worked for several years at Curtin University, I was amazed to discover that there were no security measures in place concerning the final reporting of results. As examiners, we are CONSTANTLY under the watchful eye of “big brother” whether it be on the testing day itself or random monitoring of the results we record. This is not to mention the heaps and heaps of paperwork we are required to read and sign in regards to the highly sensitive material of which we have in our possession; if we leave the folder in the room and dash to the toilet, we can be reprimanded! I heard rumors about this situation and reported them as well, all of which came to naught as it seems those were the individuals involved within the scandal. In the end, those individuals who paid have been dealt and injustice as they will be unable to function within the workplace and/or society. However, it seems as if they are not being pursued and/or punished in any manner, so I wonder what signal that is sending as well. As a final thought, just imagine what could be occurring in other countries in which this type of action is perceived as the norm?! i do hope this opens the eyes of the government and caused them to be more pro active in creating another internal means of evaluation.

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