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Falling International Enrolments to Cost Australia Billions in Lost GDP

Lost international student enrolments may cost Australia billions. Failure to reverse a downturn in international student enrolments could cost billions to Australia’s GDP and over 45,000 jobs by the end of the decade, a report has found.International student enrolments began to decline in 2010 following stricter visa regulations, the rise of the Australian dollar and a series of attacks on Indian students — at least some of which were found not to be racially motivated but which nevertheless created a perception Australia was unsafe for foreign students.

A Deloitte report commissioned by Universities Australia, which represents 39 Australian universities, modelled the effects of the downturn over time and estimated that continuing the downward trend could cost billions.

“In net present value terms, the reduction in GDP over the 2010 to 2020 modelling period is $37.8 billion,” the report said. Read more at The Comversation.

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