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Immigration and Resources Boom Report

Press Statement Immigration and the Resources Boom Mark 2.
Bob Birrell, Ernest Healy, Katharine Betts and Fred T. Smith

Centre for Population and Urban Research, Monash University

Release date – Monday 18 July 2011

Australia’s circumstances demand an immigration program which addresses problems of sustainability, particularly as they affect the quality of urban life in the big cities. However, the Labor Government’s current immigration target of net 180,000 per year means that Australia’s population will grow from around 22 million to 36 million or more by 2050. This is not compatible with resolving sustainability problems.

But industry is claiming that, unless net overseas migration is kept at 180,000 or higher, there will be not be enough skilled workers to meet employer requirements and to sustain aggregate economic growth.

A new research report from the Centre for Population and Urban Research at Monash University challenges many of the assumptions underpinning the arguments for continued high levels of immigration.

Full Media Release Text here.

Without full analysis of the report’s research focus, methodology, analysis and findings, it is clear that CPUR will always find immigration as negative for Australia, as opposed to being open to the world and our neighbours. Curiously, after glossing full report, appears to be no mention of Australia’s ageing population, maintenance of tax base and need to provide more resources for health care and social security, how without immigration?

One only needs to see Europe where many countries with an anti or limited immigration policy are dealing with shrinking populations and decreasing tax bases leading to issues of providing for elderly and sovereign debt.

However the CPUR appears to see immigration like some of their anti immigration activist counterparts in the USA such as the FAIR Federation of American Immigration Reform, i.e. something to be stopped or limited, and using research to influence policy makers, politicians, media and the electorate. FAIR has been regularly accused of fearmongering i.e. immigration will dilute further white America through proxy issues such as infrastructure, illegals, refugees, population growth etc.

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