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Australia International Student Visas Immigration Refugees

Australia International Student Visas Immigration Refugees

Related news from The Age, Melbourne:

Student visa applications on slide. OFFSHORE international student visa applications from India dropped almost 63 per cent in the last financial year, as applications fell by almost 20 per cent across the board, a federal government report shows.

The Immigration Department’s quarterly report on the student visa program, released yesterday, shows the number of offshore applicants from India dropped from 18,514 in the 2009-10 financial year to just 6875 in the 2010-11 financial year.

Applications from China, Australia’s largest source country for international students, dropped 24.3 per cent.

Melbourne University higher education expert Simon Marginson said the drop showed the sector was still a way off from a recovery. ”[There is] no sign that we have yet reached the bottom of the curve,” he said…..

….. Tertiary Education Minister Chris Evans is in India this week for the inaugural meeting of the Australia-India Education Council.

He said the largest fall in Indian student numbers had been in vocational education, the sector that had been systematically rorted until changes to student visa rules last year.

”Quite frankly, that’s a result of us tackling what were visa scams and poor-quality education providers operating for profit on migration outcomes rather than education outcomes,” he told The Age in Delhi.

Senator Evans said in many cases a chain of migration agent, education college, and business owner had brought Indians to Australia to work, the students enrolled in a cooking or hairdressing course as a cover…..

Migrants roll up their sleeves. Most new arrivals have the drive and determination to make their own way….

….Some believe that refugees and migrants come to Australia without the will to work and contribute to Australian society. But research by my organisation, AMES, suggests this is far from the truth.

A three-year study of new arrivals who have attended AMES language programs found that 95 per cent of refugee and migrant survey respondents indicated an intention to work in Australia and almost all would study further to enhance their employment prospects.

Perhaps even more tellingly, the majority, even with significant job skills and tertiary qualifications like Katie, accepted that they needed to adjust their goals for working in Australia as they gradually made their way back into work of similar skill and status to that they may have previously enjoyed.

Focus group participants made clear their determination to stand on their own two feet. “I hope to find a job for my daily expenses, not to rely on Centrelink benefits and feel independent,” a Vietnamese refugee told interviewers. “I am looking for any type of job so that I don’t need to depend on Centrelink and clear my debts and be a self-sustainable person,” a Burmese refugee explained.

Despite the obvious hurdles of lack of English language skills, lack of local work experience and, frequently, lack of recognition of overseas qualifications, over the three-year study period more than four in 10 of the research group found paid employment…

…. At a time of full employment, when many employers need both skilled and unskilled labour, results such as these are a reminder that the training, work experience and support that may be required to assist a new arrival into employment in Australia are a small price to pay for having job-ready employees with a terrific work ethic.

Two different perceptions with the latter being one of the few positive stories that seep into the mainstream media about “foreigners” which is generally precluded by Australia’s negative socio political environment.

The former peddles same old prejudices i.e. private colleges, agents and Indian students bad, university and TAFE good. Of course universities and TAFEs would never aggressively promote study to PR in cooperation with education and migration agents, i.e. a system developed in Australia and managed by Australians? How is it that the media criticise neither Europeans doing the same supposed PR “rorting”, nor Australians illegally working in the U.K. etc.? Australian universities never lobbied government and DIAC so that accounting remained on the SOL? Ironic that Australia sees itself as an egalitarian society yet according to the government VET education that trains people to fill skills shortages is of lesser social and economic value compared to university degrees e.g. B.A.? What should be a success story has been criticised or patronised constantly by Australia’s middle aged Anglo Celtic political and media establishment (while unis and TAFE happy to divert attention away from there own similar activites)….but we are not racist because we have laws against it🙂

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