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Australia Skills Shortage Occupation Index

Economic uncertainty slows employers recruiting decisions, tightest in decade

Uncertainty about Australia’s current and future economic conditions and the resulting cautionary approach to recruitment decisions has seen the latest Clarius Skills Index reach the closest tension between supply and demand of skilled labour in a decade.

According to the June Quarter Clarius Skills Index, released today, supply and demand of skilled labour across 20 occupation categories was at a perfectly balanced 100.0, despite there being shortages in some trades occupations….

….Overall demand for skilled labour fell by 56,800 people (1.6 per cent) while supply fell 44,700 people (1.3 per cent).

This resulted in a net shortage of just 1,000 skilled people across all categories in the quarter compared with the March Index (100.3) which reported a shortfall of 11,000 skilled workers across all occupation categories.

Kym Quick, Chief Operating Officer of the Clarius Group, said it was evident from the Index and Clarius Group’s own experience that employers are erring on the side of conservatism….

Despite the softening of the market over the past quarter, a number of the skilled occupations covered in this report recorded skilled labour shortages, two of which are in the extreme range.

The occupations currently experiencing shortages of skilled labour are listed below:

Metal Tradespersons (108.9 – shortfall of 10,900, in Jun/Mar qtrs)
Chefs (105.3 – shortfall of 3,900 in the Jun qtr; 106.6 in the Mar qtr)
Automotive Tradespersons (103.8 – shortfall of 5,900 in the Jun qtr; 106.1 in the Dec qtr)
Wood Tradespersons (102.6 – shortfall of 900 in the Jun qtr; 103.2 in the Mar qtr) Food Tradespersons (101.8 – shortfall of 1,600 in the Jun qtr; 102.2 in the Mar qtr) Hairdressers (101.1 – shortfall of 500 in the Jun qtr; 101.6 in the Mar qtr) Computing Professionals (100.5 – shortfall of 1,100 n the Jun qtr; 101.1 in the Mar qtr)
Building and Engineering Professionals (100.3 – shortfall of 700 in the Jun qtr; 99.9 in the Mar qtr).

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