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Australian Politics Society Attitudes to Refugees Asylum Seekers

And another thing . . . A letter to The Australian newspaper.

From:The Australian
August 05,

IN our names, the migrant in charge of this country and its so-called security is about to enter the darkest period of human trading since the days of the kanakas, aided and abetted by a worthless media with its incessant lies and abuse of innocent human beings.

Asylum-seekers have legal status in this country and I hope to hell the first innocent person  illegally deported and traded like a bale of wool goes straight to the UN.

We do not treat mass murderers the way this bunch of putrid trash are treating people who have fled wars we started just to win redneck votes.

Australia, I hate your guts. I suspect as well that tourists, students and migrants will be averse to a country that tortures innocent people in this manner and I hope the entire place collapses in a deep, dark depression brought on by a lazy, racist moron.

Marilyn Shepherd, Angaston, SA

Bravo, how much longer will Australians passively watch while our governemnts and media demonise asylum seekers (and non white foreigners in general) while applying Nurnberg type laws to facilitate a neo white Australia policy?  Or is it that most Australians agree and/or are too passive and submissive to authority exemplified by our mealy mouthed justifications on grounds of fairness etc., while ignoring rampant corruption by bodies such as the AWB?  Where has our moral compass gone? Where is our political leadership?

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” Edmund Burke

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