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AIEC Australian International Education SWOT Digital Marketing Strategy

AIEC Australian International Education SWOT Digital Marketing Strategy


-Work rights and part time employment opportunities, especially Melbourne.
-Hopefully no further negative immigration and visa changes, and more focus upon student welfare
-Property markets softening with more plentiful and cheaper rentals.


-Lack of onshore industry practice regarding sustainable (digital) marketing strategies, majority of marketing funds directed toward “one shot” offshore physical events, neglecting remainder of the year.
-Offshore partner digital market development and “process” neither recognised nor acknowledged onshore (no feedback), still preference for conventional aforementioned promotions and sales targets.
-Knight student visa review yet to be finalised,with official and unofficial antipathy towards “foreigners”.
-Restrictions on immigration, high fees and cost of living in Australia.


-Inevitability of “outbound” physical sales and/or marketing channels being overtaken by more effective and economic “inbound” digital marketing, recruitment and support channels.
-Middle Eastern Airlines flying direct between Australia, European cities and accordingly promoting Australian destinations.
-Turkey: offshore programs, twinning & 2 + 2, project cooperation, teaching personnel etc. to meet growing demand, if effectively researched, established and managed, creating strong two way relationships with private institutions.
-Direct liaison with private university career/study advisory centres and private K12s, transfers from 2 year Turkish two year higher education diplomas to Australian degrees.


-Continued weakness in European economies, employed mature candidates will not risk taking leave, many potential PR pathways closed, and widespread perception visas difficult, or visa applications rejected arbitrarily.
-Strength of AUD and other high profile markets e.g. U.K., Canada, U.S., and newer destinations.
-Offshore agents ceasing to market, promote and recruit for Australian institutions, and institutuon websites losing inbound links, thus decreasing Google Page Rank and virtual visibility in same markets.
-Prejudiced Australian lobbyists or preferred “experts” such as Dr. Bob Birrell of Monash University’s CPUR who hold strong anti immigration attitudes while influencing policy makers and through the media, the Australian electorate, negatively.

Latest 2011 September Update:

Digital marketing offer for CEE, Turkey and UK stands, will maintain and improve Google PR and search engine indexing in these markets, in addition to physical liaison and “preferred partner” status.

For institutions marketing in Turkey, AIEC has compiled a directory career and study advisor centres in all private universities and K12s in Istanbul including dates of “internal” or “closed” career and study abroad fairs. AIEC now consults to Turkish partners and will be based in Turkey September through May liaising with private institutions, stakeholders and students throughout Turkey.

Digital or Online Marketing Strategy:

British Council Education Intelligence Unit report on international education marketing stressing importance of digital or virtual world and decline of physical marketing fields.

AIEC has received institutional feedback agreeing that internet, social media etc. are way ahead to market and recruit students, but why and how to do it? For the same reason one has a marketing strategy, to increase awareness and interest of your destination and institution, leading to decision and action (AIDA).

Results not only include a sustainable strategy, increased productivity, reach and analytics, but also an improved marketing skill set.

AIEC Australian International Education Centre Marketing Europe Turkey.


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