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Study Electrotechnology Air Conditioning Refrigeration in Melbourne

Trades Training Melbourne.Studying at ANIBT Australian National Institute of Business & Technology Melbourne, students will gain a Nationally Accredited Certificate III; Diploma or Advanced Diploma level qualification. Key vocational areas of study available include:
Electrotechnology, Business, Management, Refrigeration and Air-conditioning, Hospitality and English language proficiency. All courses undertaken at ANIBT are accredited by the Victorian Qualifications Authority and are nationally recognised within the Australian Qualifications Training Framework (AQTF). This allows students to gain credit transfers into University undergraduate degrees, subject of course to students’ academic performance and University entrance requirements.

2 Responses to “Study Electrotechnology Air Conditioning Refrigeration in Melbourne”

  1. Could i have your contact number im from the UK and want to study air con down under.

    • Hello Simon,

      You can, maybe easier trying Skype, aiecquest, if you want to make a time evening suits me.

      Not sure if you have city preference? Melbourne is only real choice, but lots of part time work for international students.

      We do not charge you any fee, we are not a migration agent, and you can work on student visa part time during term, full time vacation.

      The TAFEs are state, limited start dates and you pay by half year instalments.

      ANIBT will package course into two years, including training hours, plus 4 starting points per year, you can then apply for Job Ready test for two year post study visa.

      Same course at ANIBT you pay first half year (though maybe able to pay just first quarter if I ask them) and with fees you pay compulsory insurance for CoE confirmation of enrolment, then do visa online.

      Advantage of ANIBT is that you can pay by term/quarter and more entry points.

      Here is career info for air con:

      Let me know.

      PS ANIBT sponsor Melbourne Victory football club🙂

      Cheers, b

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