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AIEC Australian Internatıonal Education Knight Student Visa Review

As you may have seen in the media, the Australian Government has made a number of very positive announcements regarding implementation of recommendations in the Knight Review regarding student visas.

We understand that the recommendations regarding ELICOS student visa applications will be implemented within the next 3 to 9 months. These include:

– a reduction in financial requirements for high risk Assessment Level (AL) 3 and AL4 student visa applicants

– streamlined visa processing for students who package their ELICOS course with an eligible university course. This means that DIAC would treat these applicants as though they were lower migration risk (similar to the current AL1), regardless of country of origin

– the removal of the English language test requirements for higher risk AL4 and above stand alone ELICOS visa applicants (570)

Also of significant interest to students who go on to complete their studies at university:

– A two- to four-year post-study work visa will also be available for university graduates.

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