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Knight Review Australian TAFE and University Dodgy Too

Public Providers Dubious too: Evans. THE federal government has all but guaranteed that the streamlined student visa system for universities will be rolled out to vocational and private providers, with Tertiary Education Minister Chris Evans saying its response to the Knight review wasnt meant to be sector specific.

And Senator Evans said quality problems weren’t exclusive to the private sector, pointing the finger at universities and TAFEs as well as private colleges.


Good news as state sector does not have a monopoly on quality, let alone ethical behaviour. In fact some of the most egregious behaviour, exemplified by travel rorting, promoting study to PR, cronyism, nepotism etc., was seen in the state sector universities and TAFE. Conversely some of the best education and ethical business practice is seen in private colleges who understand quality and marketing is needed to survive, without state assistance.
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