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Study Work in Australia Courses Advice Counselling AIEC

AIEC QUEST Australian International Education Centre assist applicants of all ages to study English, trades training, vocational, higher education, credit transfer and university, free.





Andrew Smith, from Melbourne Australia, is the expert and consultant for international education and training with over 15 years experience, including:

  • Victoria University, Melbourne Master of Education Research Thesis “International Education: Experience of International Students”.
  • TAFE AQF Certificate IV Workplace Training and Assessment.
  • RSA Cambridge Certificate in English as a Foreign Language Teach TEFLA Godmer House in Oxford.
  • Bachelor of Business Administration from Charles Sturt University.
  • Work Skills Trainer at RMIT University in Melbourne.
  • Market research in Turkey for the IDP.
  • Establishment of an International House language centre in Istanbul.
  • IDP education in Central Europe in Budapest.
  • Hungary in Central Europe and Turkey, the establishment of AIEC QUEST
  • Lecturer in professional and academic communication at Stott’s College, Melbourne.
  • Official Tourism Australia “Aussie Specialist”.

Partner in Turkey Mr. Hasan IntentEdu International Education Consulting:

  •     Certificate of Education, University of Istanbul
  •     Bachelor of Arts Management, Istanbul University
  •     Bosforus University BA Degree in Philosophy
  •     Master of Philosophy in the University of Istanbul
  •     Master of Management, Fatih University M.B.A
  •     PhD Management, Fatih University,
  •     Teacher, Tuna High School, Istanbul
  •     Grant and Communications Manager, Charter School of Paterson, New Jersey / USA
  •     Reinsurance, specal Risks and Credit Insurance Department, Expert, Eureko Sigorta A.Ş., Istanbul
  •     Intent to Owner and Consultant Overseas Education Consultancy, Istanbul.

Study in Australia, advice and services include:

  •     The right to work on a student visa
  •     2-4 years post-graduation work permit
  •     Discount for each city and scholarship opportunities
  •     Paid and unpaid internship (Tourism & Hospitality paid)
  •     Language Courses & Demi Pair / Work / Internship
  •     General English (from $AUD170 weekly)
  •     High school
  •     Study tours
  •     Vocational, Trades & Higher Education Diplomas
  •     University preparation
  •     Credit Transfer from Associate Degree & Vocational Diplomas to Degrees
  •     Undergraduate Degrees
  •     Semester-abroad
  •     High School Certificate
  •     Master’s and Doctorate
  •     Visa support
  •     Accommodation Placement
  •     Scholarship Advice

Australia Language Courses, Vocational and Higher Education Partners:

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