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Australian International Education News 2011

Australian Universities sullied by bribery, soft marking as they put profits before quality: ombudsman.  VICTORIA’s Ombudsman has uncovered worrying evidence that universities have been putting the need for student fee revenue ahead of the ability of students to complete their courses, apparently enrolling students with too-poor English skills.

Australian International Education sector loses $2bn as foreign students opt out.  AUSTRALIA’S international education sector has lost close to $2 billion in revenue in one year, as the number of students opting to come here continues to plummet.

Australian education in the Asian century.  AUSTRALIANS have a tendency to view the rise of Asia in numerical terms. This is partly logical and partly historical. For a long time we were only too conscious of Asian countries huge populations compared to our own scant numbers, in possession of this rich continent. More recently, as Asia has travelled from poverty and weakness to power and wealth, it has made a great deal of sense to keep track of it all through numbers: GDP figures, arms spending, trade levels, investment flows.

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